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  Director’s Message   

The principal objective is to implant fortified core Islamic values, societal morality, habits of personal discipline along with the excellent academic knowledge in the young generation. We hope and pray that the students at DIGS will be people of righteousness, of forbearance, of gratitude, of brotherly love and compassion; stoic and serious when required, but also able to jest and cultivate joy in themselves and others in the manner of our beloved Prophet Muhammad . We pray that they will grow to be intelligent young men and women, courageous, erudite servants of their Lord, stewards of the Earth, harbingers of peace, articulate, composed and inspirational.We pray that each student at DIGS will be a substantial pillar of Islam, imbued with the sweetened taste of Iman, and embellished by the glittering lights of Ihsan. This is our hope, our purpose, and our mission for our children in DIGS.
Hafiz Muhammad Faruukh Nadeem,    DIRECTOR DIGS

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  Our Achievement   

Here you can review some statistics about our School

1 Students Enrolled
1 Certified Teachers
1% Passing to Universities
1% Parents Satisfaction


Meet Our Team

Hafiz Muhammad Faruukh Nadeem

Cheif Administrator

Muhammad Munir

English Teacher

Muhammad Afzal

Math Teacher

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Hafiz Muhammad Abu Bakar

Voice Principal

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